Wild Wildlife

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Wood stork at Caddo Lake, Texas

IMG_3337 copy S2 Nanpa

A sad sight but nature. Great Blue Heron snacking on a turtle.

IMG_6893 XwF2

Bird Migration 2015

The bird migration is starting along with spring flowers, and warm temperatures.

On Saturday the 21st I stepped outside at work in Coppell, Texas and saw a about 100 large birds in a V-shape flying north. Behind them I saw 4 more groups. My initial thought was blue herons but I’ve never seen more than 2 groups. Being a photographer, I was frustrated not having my “good” camera with a long lens so had to settle with my iPhone. In the pics you can see the V formation but too far for any ID. Sandhill cranes ┬áhave been seen flying through DFW area recently so because of the size of the birds, long necks and legs, it is highly probable they are sandhill cranes.

The next day I was off work and decided to cruise around the Coppell and Grapevine area and kept looking to the sky hoping to catch a glimpse of more sandhill cranes passing through. What I did get was a Red-Tailed hawk flying overhead. After I got home and downloaded my photos, and I was amazed that in several of the photos was a line of big birds. I was so concentrated on tracking this flying hawk I didn’t see the line of birds in the background. Even with my big camera and lens, they were some distance away and out of focus behind the hawk so no ID.

Migrating Sandhill Cranes

One of several lines of migrating sandhill cranes

Migrating Sandhill Cranes

Smoky Mountain Road Trip

My first stop was Memphis, TN

This is Wesser Creek on the Nantahala River, North Carolina that looks more like a waterfall from several inches of rain all through the Smokey Mountains.

Wesser Creek

The Opportunistic Capture

I’m a member of the Dallas Camera Club and every month they have a article of someone’s photo and want the inspiration and details of taking the capture. Thia photo was one I took on Elm St. in Downtown Dallas, Texas that I entered in the State Fair of Texas and won honorable mention in architecture.

I was taken back and embarrassed at the request for a submission because I took this photo out the front of the windshield of my car at a stoplight! I was going to decline because there really wasn’t any creative process taken within the 1-2 minute light cycle. But then I realized its not always the well planned place or special equipment you use, but what you see at any place at any time.
So yes, I will submit my creative process for this photo.


Road Trip Ready